Hi! I'm Tess.

I'm obsessed with all things arts and culture. I'm really interested in the stories that sometimes fly under the radar. I love discovering dingy dive bars, venues, artist-run galleries, and underground projects. Having said that, I'm just as likely to rave about a new Netflix find, a best-selling memoir, or a pop star that I can't stop listening to. 

Almost a decade ago, love and a sense of adventure brought me all the way from Sydney, Australia to Denver, Colorado. In that decade I've been an artisan in a maker's collective, an artist at an artist-run gallery, a keyboard player in a band, and an arts and culture graduate student. Arts and culture are what I live and breathe.

While quarantining, I wanted to find a way to stay connected to the creative community and to give artists an opportunity to tell their stories. I am so honored by the enthusiasm and generosity of the artists that I have been lucky enough to connect with. Their art and their stories have kept me feeling inspired and hopeful. 

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