Building Connections by Opening Doors

Studiodoorz, a new Boulder-based start-up, has grand plans to connect artists to art lovers on a global scale.

Whenever I get the chance to travel to another city, the first thing I look for is a creative district. I know that this is where I'll find the interesting and the underground. I want to see what other people are doing and making, what their creative spaces and communities look like. But these places aren't always easy to find and they often have limited hours. Without doing a lot of googling, there just isn't a direct way for artists to connect with art lovers and creative tourists.

Studiodoorz solves this problem by creating opportunities for art lovers to directly connect with the art and artists that they are looking for. Founded by Boulder-based artist, Bill Snider, the web platform allows artists to create listings that showcase their art, their studios, and their personalities through images, stories, and a map showing the approximate studio location. Whether you are in another state or just want to find art studios in your neighborhood, visitors can filter their search by artist name, medium, or distance. Once you find what you are looking for, submit an online request for a studio visit to connect with the artist.

Studiodoorz listings offer a variety of mediums and studio experiences from home studios and community art spaces to commercial studios and galleries, even a Rev. Dr. painter working out of a church. For artists, Studiodoorz is in itself an alternative marketing platform in addition to a way to connect to potential enthusiasts and buyers. For visitors, the platform offers an opportunity to engage with the creative community and find meaning in a purchased piece, or to gain a better understanding of what is going on behind the scenes in new places or your own community.

Studiodoorz (SDz) founder, Bill Snider, shared his thoughts in an interview.

Do you feel differently about a piece of art if you have had the opportunity to connect with the artist?

For sure. It comes with a story. It’s not just artwork but all the stuff that we choose to have in our homes. It might be an old table that belonged to your grandmother or something you bought from a street vendor in Mexico. You bought the piece because you liked it and now there’s a story that goes with that piece. I suppose the next level would be to actually visit the workshop or studio where that piece was created. That’s what StudioDoorz is all about.

Have you had a particularly memorable visit to an artist’s studio?

We have had quite a few pieces of artwork that we've bought from artists while visiting their studios. One piece that was carved by a Native American artist in a small village in Alaska, we bought from his studio while we were working on a film project. I remember it was really cold… so I shiver every time I see the carving.

What can visitors expect when they make an appointment to visit an artist?

I think it’s safe to say that it will probably be different each time and I think that’s the point, it’s an adventure. StudioDoorz encourages artists to include photos of their studio as part of their listing to give visitors an idea of what to expect. I try to have things to show visitors about my process and show works in various stages of completion, as well as pieces for sale.

What has been the greatest benefit of having visitors at your studio?

Building a relationship with visitors is something that you can't do if you only sell your work online or exclusively in galleries. Those connections can build a long-term relationship with people who may not buy a piece of my work the first time they visit but they might at a later date. I have some couples who now own several of my paintings and I think it’s pretty safe to say that the personal visit to my studio has a lot to do with that.

Post-COVID-19, do you see Studiodoorz collaborating with art walks and events to connect artists to visitors?

Studiodoorz may become a conduit for lots of events. We are going to partner with the city of Boulder during this year's Boulder Arts Week. StudioDoorz will provide a link to the city's site where local Studiodoorz artists can be found by art lovers wanting to visit artists’ studios, either during an actual visit or a virtual one. If there is pocket of SDz artists in an area it would make it easier for events to connect art walkers with local artists as well as galleries in the area.

What is your long-term vision for Studiodoorz and its impact on artists and art enthusiasts?

StudioDoorz will have to go through a growing up period, like all start-ups. Things like Open Table (an online restaurant reservation platform) have been around for over ten years but now lots of people using their site in lots of locations. So I suppose the dream is to get SDz as big as possible so art lovers will think about visiting artists not only in their hometown but when they travel to other cities, states, and countries. When this happens, SDz will truly become a marketing tool that artists everywhere can use as part of their personal marketing plan.

Artists can register for a Studiodoorz account here.

Cost: $25 annual fee.

Visitors can browse artist studios to visit here.

Cost: free.


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