Why a global pandemic might be the best time to write about arts and culture

Despite obvious obstacles, creators are innovating in ways that they never have before.

It's a strange time to start an arts and culture blog. Closures and restrictions plague music venues, art galleries, restaurants, bars, and basically all the best stuff. Lurking in basements, bedrooms, and studios, creators have grappled with the irony of having all the time in the world and none of the inspiration. Emotional and financial instability can be powerful creativity blockers.

Creators of arts and culture have been forced to compromise, innovate, and even completely reinvent themselves, which is why this might be the most interesting time to write about arts and culture.

People are finding new ways to create, perform, promote, and engage. I have already received generous and thoughtful contributions from so many creators. I can't wait to show you the joyful and curious drawings and paintings of Carlos Michael Finn, the playful and powerful paintings, sculptures, and installations of Natalie Smith, and the zine, podcast, and digital drawings of Marcus Merritt and Tanya Martin.

I’m so excited to explore all the new and old ways that creators are making and to delve deeper into the wealth of arts and culture stories that are out there. What great arts experiences have you had this year? How are you coping, creating, or innovating? I want to know! Send me an email or follow me on Twitter or Instagram. I want to hear your story!

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